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Conditions Treated

At Central KY Urgent Care Center, we treat a variety of non-emergent injuries and illnesses. We treat fevers, flu or cold symptoms, ear infections, seasonal allergies, bronchitis, mild asthma, sprains or minor broken bones, animal or insect bites, minor cuts that may require stitches, suture removal, urinary track infections, minor back pain, x-rays, lab testing, and more! Below are some specific treatments available and a list of conditions we do not treat at our facility.

Treatments Available 

Initial Medical Examination

An initial medical exam includes patient history of present illness or condition, review of symptoms, comprehensive medical examination, assessment, diagnosis of illness or condition, and treatment plan.

X-Ray Series

This service includes a regular x-ray series for one body part.

Basic Lab Testing

Basic lab testing includes complete blood count (CBC), basic metabolic panel (CMP), strep testing, or any other basic laboratory testing that can be completed in-office.

Urine Drug Screen

This service includes a point-of-care urine drug screen.

DOT Physical

This service includes a DOT physical to ensure the patient is healthy enough to operate a commercial vehicle. 

Sports Physical

This service includes one sports physical examination with paperwork filled out to participate in school activities. 

Flu Shot

This service is for one flu shot.

Medical Exam with X-Ray and Labs

This service includes a comprehensive medical examination, in-office laboratory testing, and x-ray series.

Medical Exam with X-Ray

This service includes a comprehensive medical examination and x-ray testing.

Medical Exam with Labs

This service includes a comprehensive medical examination with basic lab testing.

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Conditions We Do Not Treat

Emergency Conditions

At Central Kentucky Urgent Care Center, we do not treat any emergency conditions that require hospitalization or prolonged evlauation and management.  This includes any condition that is life or limb threatening, stroke or stroke-like symptoms, severe chest pain, severe abdominal pain, trauma, head or eye injuries, shortness of breath or wheezing, or intestinal bleeding. 

Pregnancy or Newborn Conditions

At Central KY Urgent Care Center we do not treat pregnancy related conditions.  We also do not treat high fevers in newborns under the age of three months. 

Other Conditions

At Central KY Urgent Care Center we do not treat other severe conditions including: severe or repeated vomiting, poisoning, severe allergic reactions, unconsciousness, or seizures.

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